Are you a bride-to-be looking for the perfect bridal lehenga? The internet will greet you with an exquisite collection of a plethora of different cuts, styles and designs. The diversity of the catalogues offered by different companies might as well leave you overwhelmed. Things become easier the moment you adopt a systematic approach to the entire purchase process.

Lehenga Choli: An Eternal Favourite of Brides

Lehenga choli makes for a very popular bridal dress in India. The dress has a “royal” origin. It was worn especially by the daughters and wives of Mughal emperors. Modern brides, while selecting the dress should ideally keep a number of factors in view.

You’re ready to shop bridal lehenga online and don’t already have at least a rough idea of what you want. These are the times when you’re actually most likely to get confounded. It’s better to initiate your search at least with some kind of cut and design in mind.

It is important to remember that lehenga cholis aren’t exactly sarees. Though the lower halves of the lehenga are “flowy” in nature, you have to pay special attention to your body type while zeroing in on a choice. Generally the Indian bridal dresses are known to conceal your flab (if any). You should still be a little discreet with your choice of the lehenga. Depending on the type of your body you can choose from among penelled lehengas, straight cut lehengas or mermaid lehengas.

Different styles and cuts

The straight cut lehengas are the most popular among brides primarily owing to the fact that they’re capable of producing an illusion of a slimmer frame when worn. These lehengas suit every body type and flow down in a parallel fashion.

The mermaid lehengas are the ones that are fitted at the waist and open up at the bottom. Keeping its particular shape in view, it will not really be wrong to say that brides with slimmer waist are in a position to flaunt them better than the ones with not-so-slim waists.

The panelled lehengas are accompanied by more flare and fall. Designers usually experiment a lot with these cuts. For instance, you might as well be able to find pieces where the panels stiched with the choli and the cholis themselves are of different hues.

The circular lehengas are more in line with the older styles of lehengas characterised by a lot of pleats in the waist line. The pleats add a lot of volume to the whole dress. So, you can well imagine that a bride with an extremely tiny frame can try the circular lehengas with ease.

Other points

Depending on your body type you can choose from among the plethora of silk and Bangalori silk lehengas available in variant hues and designs. Make sure you’re procuring your choice from a credentialed online store selling bridal wear for a long time now and get your favorite dress delivered right at your doorstep. The best thing about shopping your favorite lehenga online is that you can compare styles and prices of a number of different products at one go.